Final Project

Currently, I am working towards making art more interactive and engaging for the public. I was originally going to expand on my midterm project, but I feel that I should try to explore integrating my professional goals with my final class. I feel that most people do not connect with art because they don’t take time to really look at it or they do not get enough information about the works.

I researched a prior exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art titled Split Second: Indian Paintings. This exhibition looked at the choices people make while going through a gallery. It showed how some pieces of art attract the eye and hold peoples attention. It also showed how with more information the audience had, they enjoyed the art more than if they had your typical museum tags.

I am taking this information and building on the interactivity of the Split Second. I am going to use the Keith Haring retrospective that is currently on display at the Brooklyn Art Museum and play with some of the images. Haring’s works are fun and often build on each other. I feel that by taking these images, breaking them down into smaller jpegs, and then the works will change in accordance to how much motion goes by the camera. I am going to try and build some way to include more information about the works as well but I have not decided how I am going to do that yet.

I know I need to work on how to use classes and I am going to use and store most of my images in tabs. I am also going to work on storing the images in an array and maybe manipulate them some.

For those who do not know who Keith Haring is, these are some of his works:

Exhibition Opening


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